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Why Winning is a Losing strategy.

We live a world which seems to be built on competition. Most of us would agree that winning is an important part of finding success and happiness in life. But I am here to tell you that this idea, is not only error in thinking, but that ‘winning’ is an actually a losing strategy.

How could this be?

In order to understand the answer, one must look closely at who we are, and what constitutes success and happiness in the context of the human experience.

When you examine how our cells function to create a successful creation which is our human body, you see that they use the intelligence of health to achieve their goal.

They express their meaning, balance themselves with other cells and their environment, and then co-create in a harmonious manner to achieve results together, which are far greater than what they can achieve on their own.

If instead they decided to compete with other cells. To win and make other cells loose, then they could not co-create, and even though they feel for a while like they are successful, eventually the folly of the strategy shines through as a losing strategy.

Let us look at cells that behave this way. The most obvious ones are cells of infection. They seek to multiply at the expense of healthy cells. They take over territory of the body multiplying without heeding the need for balance. Their aim is to ‘win’, rather than to express a meaningful purpose in the body. For a time, they it seems like they are ‘winning’ and the healthy cells are losing. But they trigger in the human body a defensive response, ‘the Immune system’, that rises up against their attempts to derail health, and leads to their demise. Even if they are successful, and they “beat” the immune system, they damage the body to a point where it dies, and again, because they depend on the body for their own survival, this leads to their demise--- Winning becomes their loosing strategy.

Ok, so you say—that’s human cells. What’s that got to do with me? Well you are a trillion human cells, all working together to create you. So, if you decide that winning is the point of it all, you too will find it a losing strategy.

Let’s look at a well-known historical example of this. I am sure when Adolf Hitler won the leadership of his country Germany by force, he must have felt like he was a winner. A success. When the Olympics were held in Berlin in 1936, and he declared Aryan supremacy to the World, he again must have felt like winning was a winning strategy. When he started the World War 2—in the name of winning and proving the German people to be the best and most superior race on the planet, he must have fell like success was his for taking. Fast forward a few years. Europe is torn to shreds. 70 million people dead in a violent manner. Germany on its knees, completely destroyed by allied forces. Hilttler realizes he has lost everything, and takes his own life. His idea of winning was a losing strategy.

Luckily for the world unlike after WW 1 When the winners, suppressed Germany as losers, which led to Hitler’s creation, Europe and the world learned their lesson and creates the United Nations, realizing that it is in co-creation not winning that success and happiness is found.

What about now – is humanity making the same mistake on a global scale? Is the world again being seduced by the idea that we must “win, win, win” to quote Donald Trump, the most powerful leader in the world? Are societies trying to ‘win’ the world, instead of living in harmony with it? Maybe we too think that we are winning. After all look at humanity go! Yet as global warming quickens, and we continue to destroy the quickly diminishing rain- forests, and pollute our oceans, for our own economic ends, we will soon will realize our winning strategy is causing the collapse of the environment, on which our lives depend. Our ‘winning’ is making us lose all that we hold dear. I hope we can open our eyes before it is too late.

But what about us? Our lives? Do you still think happiness will be found by “winning”? Will battles with your children, or your significant other lead to your happiness? Or will this lead to conflict, arguments, relationship breakdown, pain and suffering??

Will battles at work make you the master of your company, or will it create conflict and toxic relationships that will make you wonder, why you are working in your work place in the first place?

Will economic winners who have billions, feel success, in a world where children are dying of hunger? and how long will it be before people rise up and revolt again this grave inequality, leading once again the world into conflict and more suffering?

Maybe it is time we realize that winning is a losing strategy?

When I was young my father once tried to teach me about the nature of life. He told me— “Glory goes to the winner, but Honor goes to the losers”. For a long time, I did not understand what he meant by that. Until I looked a little deeper, and realized that in a game the loser creates the winner--- In fact they are co-dependent. If we do not honor those who loose, there is not glory for those who win.

In the context of sport, or games, we can enjoy the idea of winning and losing--- After all we know that is a Game, it’s not real, it’s made up!—It’s a form of entertainment that we indulge in. As long as we honor those who lose, we can entertain the glory of those who win.

Yet if we forget that it’s just a game. If we believe that winning and losing are the realities of life, we will only create pain, suffering and failure. Winners create losers, and we are all in this together. The two are simply different sides of the same coin.

No, for those things that matter— We must look deeper into what it means to be human. What it means to be alive, and structure our lives in accord to the principles that govern healthy existence.

We have to find our own meaning inside of us, and express it as a purpose in the world. We have to find the balance in ourselves, with others and with the environment that sustains us. We have to create in a harmonious way. To co-create a reality that benefits us all. It is here in the Vital reality that we will find happiness, success, and a life well lived.

Donald Trump think that “We’re gonna win, win, win and we’re not stopping” is the point of it all. I say it is time to stop winning, before we lose it all. It’s time to wake up and realize who it is we are.

Winning is a losing strategy. For we are life, and life transcends the winning/ loosing paradigm. It has to for health to be created. I hope as a humanity we find the wisdom to do the same. It is why I wrote “Your Health Creation”. To help people understand the nature of what it means to live a Healthy life.

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