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MEANING: A key to health

First Key To Health: Meaning

“To be born is to be chosen. No one is here by accident. Each of us was sent here for a special destiny. When you can awaken this sense of destiny, you come into rhythm with your life.”

~ John O’Donohue

Meaning is the first key to health. Any living individual that is healthy has a innate meaning that is expressed in the world as their unique purpose.

For example if we examine cells, the basic units of life, we see that every healthy cell in the body has a Innate meaning that is expressed as its unique purpose, and it is this expression that lays the foundations for the creation of a healthy body.

Muscles cells, move the body. Brain cells, organise the body. Kidney cells, allow homeostasis to be maintained in the body, skin cells protect the body from the environment, and the list goes on! There are many different kind of cells in the body, but all of them have a purpose that enables the creation of a healthy body.

Similarly When we consider ourselves as a individual unit of life, in a social body of millions of people, and part of the natural world made up of billions of life forms, we too have a innate meaning within us, that can be expressed as a unique purpose.

When we come into awareness of our own Vitality, we open our minds to who we are, and how we belong. We become pulled by inspiration and guided by a inner voice, that makes us aware of our uniqueness, and and innate meaning. We can express this in our lives as our life purpose.

Because we grow and evolve, our purpose also grows and changes over time, but to be healthy, we have to come into union with this innate sense of meaning that we can bring to the world.


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