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HARMONY: The key to 'Health"

The Third Key of Health is Harmony

Harmony is the third key of health, because healthy living organisms grow through harmonious pathways.

When you look at the cells in our body, they only create health because the many various individual cells which express their unique meaning, and are balanced in their expression relate to other cells in the body in a harmonious manner. Just like a orchestra can create a symphony by the expression of individual instruments playing in harmony so too cells play in this way to create a human body. The brain cells organise. The kidney maintain biochemical balances. The bone cells provide structural support and protection. The heart cells pump the blood and nutrients to all the cells. The list goes on, but the together, they play in a harmony that is expressed as a healthy human body.

For our lives to be "health" a similar harmony has to take place in the we relate to others and our environment., We too have to express our unique meaning, and come into balance with out selves and others. Yet we have to then create our lives in a harmonious way. A way that is connected, and serves others as it does ourselves.

When we achieve this we experience happiness, joy and sense of peace. A feeling of belonging to our lives. We experience Vitality, or a healthy life.

Together Meaning, Balance, and Harmony are the Keys that life uses to create healthy expressions in our body, in our minds, in our lives, and on the living planet Earth as a whole.



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