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On a personal note

Hi, my name is  Matous.  I am Medical emergency doctor, who works at the Northern Beaches Hospital, Sydney, Australia. 


Several years ago, I was contemplating how we can improve our health care system and had a insight into the nature of health  which sparked the creation of this book. 

Our health care system as it function today is founded on the understanding of illness.

It asks the questions; ​What is illness?  How can we fix or prevent it.?

Even though this question is very useful and  helps people on many different levels, I have always felt working as a medical doctor that there was something missing. When I had my flash of insight,  I realised that what was missing was the other side of the health care coin.

As I turned the current health care  paradigm upside down,  I asked myself the question; 

What is health?

How does life create itself in a healthy manner?

How can we  use this knowledge to create health in our experience.?

​After all our health is where the value lies. !

If  our lives were made out of a 1,000,000 pieces of value, then health would represent the 1 at the start of that million.  People often take health for granted, because they tend to think that all the other pieces in their lives are more valuable.  It is only when we  loose our health, when the  1  begins to disappear, we realise that all that is left,  is starting to add up to nought. And we begin to spend all our time and resources trying to get our health back. 


You see, health is the foundation upon which our lives stand. Our  cells use its intelligence to create our bodies, in a manner in which  it can grow, adapt, thrive and interact with the world in which we live.


We can use its intelligence  to create our personal lives in a healthy manner. To build harmonious relationships, spark our creativity, and find our purpose from which we can live a  full and meaningful life. ​People can use its intelligence to create healthy societies, that transcend the conflicts that too often plague social interactions. 

Humanity can use it to help us relate to all other living things on the planet,  in a way that brings us back into balance with the natural world. So that we don't destroy its  health, which is truly the real wealth of humanity, to which we belong.

Health is universal to all of life --- It's principles hold true on the level of the cell, as they do on the level of the planet.

All living things share health as a common"identity'. When we align our lives with its principles it has the power to unite us, while allowing us to express ourselves in ways which make us unique.  As such it can transcend the separation that is often created by religions, cultural beliefs, nationality, race, and gender. It unites us as a humanity and also binds us with the natural world.

Although : "Your Health Creation" is designed to help you create health in your own life, its vision reaches outwards  towards the creation of " World Wide Health".

This is the vision of " Your health creation"

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