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written by Dr Matous Bursik


"Health is our greatest wealth,

for its the platform on which our lives stand"

Dr Matous Bursik is working as an Emergency Doctor at Northern Beaches Hospital, Sydney, Australia. 

He studied Science and Medicine at the University of Sydney, and has been practicing as a Medical Doctor for over twelve years, focused on answering the questions; 

What is illness?  How can we fix or prevent it? 

Several years ago, after a powerful life experience, he began to ask himself another question;

What is health? How can we create it in our lives? 

Helping people to understand and create healthy lives, has been the inspiration that led to the writing of “Your Health Creation”.


3 Keys Creating Vitality

extracts from 'Your Health Creation'



The intelligence of health unearths the innate meaning that drives our purpose in life: This awakens our uniqueness that we can use to live a fulfilling life which inspires us to contribute our ‘gift’ to the world. 



The intelligence of health strikes a balance between our needs and that of others; This balance transcends the polarity of good and bad. It creates internal respect for ourselves and others.  This respect is not sought after by trying to be bigger, better, or having more;  but rather through the creation of a noble character.



The intelligence of health creates a harmony which flows into the way we relate to others. Harmony sparks love to flows into our relationships; with our partners, friends, family, colleagues and the stranger who crosses our path.  


Together, the Three Keys of Health create a vibrant and secure reality, which is both safe and exciting in its scope.

Its safety is not founded through strength, or power over other people, but rather through the creation of interdependent relationships that transcends conflict in the way we relate to others.

Its vibrant reality is not born of mindless risk taking, but rather the flow of creativity and dynamic relationships, which attract new and exiting experiences into our lives. 

Vitality is the intelligence of health as it moves energetically and emotionally through us manifesting our health creation. 

 " Your Health Creation" is a book that takes you on a journey
to discover the founding intelligence of health.



'This is a wonderfully articulate and sensitively written manifest on our health condition! The fog of health myths and misconceptions are laid bare, allowing us to see our true potential and wellbeing put into practice as a healthy outlook into what we call our nature force - vitality. 


Your Health is a lot easier to Create than Wealth. Are we chasing the wrong things. This book will challenge your ideals and give you essential building blocks to regain the essence of your being.


Your Health Creation' is a thought provoking book giving a true insight into our own life and health as well as the world in which we live.
The wealth of information and inspiration shared is a valuable tool and translates well into daily life.



Your Health Creation:

Your Health Your Way

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